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spice girls need to make a come-back. Aug. 8th, 2005 @ 07:43 pm
this is my life..

sounds fun, huh? i thought so.
but i guess it isnt.
well. it is kiiiinda amusing watching my dad spend thousands of dollars to take me there.
haha. actually realllly amusing.
then another 1500 for just one of the many sessions, im sure, of mediations.
poor crazy man.

hm. i just realized.
i totally missed my senior picture appointment.. crap.

i've decided also.
i like my work.
i love my hommies that work there. especially my chosen alter ego, sarah.
yea, and even tho they seem to idolize me for my pro-skill falling techniques.
and we get to dress up.
like this saturday is now 80s day.
heccccck yes.<3

mama alice has invited me over for many sessions of mahjong.
altho i would probably get distracted by roller coaster tycoon, thanks to chad.
and to sleep over.
i think for some reason she thinks i will ward off house-breaker-inners.
because im just intimidating like that.
she is so awesome.
makes me feel like part of the family.<3

cars cost soooo much.
damn car insurance being so high.
$200 for the car a month.
$100 for the insurance a month.
equals.. im screwed over into having no spare money.
kinda.. well then theres gas too.
oy vey.

hm. im done.
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: spice girls on XM radio.

coke? or cooooooooke? Aug. 1st, 2005 @ 07:16 pm
the end of summer is near.
but im really not all that incredibly sad about it.
its the only way, it seems, that i can get all my whores together.
[[minus stealing them from their beds and running away to mexico]].

been pretty busy. i guess. hanging out with all the cool kids. annnd working. damn the whole process of earning money to spend on random crap for my oh so many random adventures involving a cactus, animal cookies, and a fishing pole. mhmm. i would be jealous if i were you too.

hmmm what else. oh yea. im a lost child, or so i am told. i think i really need to stop with the phrases "yaya playa", "true dat" and, my favorite, "hommie". its chloe's mission to make me a straightedge white folk. and i love her for taking on such a arduous task. ohhh and shes also going to teach me how to lie... but i dont think it'll ever matter. 'cause he can read my mind!

thought of the day:
[[my]]robyn showed me how to say coca-cola in sign language. it made me laugh. actually anything anybody did in that period of time made me laugh. mhmm.

Current Mood: excitedexcited- its my naya's 17th!
Current Music: noooone

my tommorow is going to be boring with a capital B. Jul. 11th, 2005 @ 12:17 pm
hm hm hm.
not much to say really.
my yesterday consisted of
*saying bye a million and one times to adrian
*randomly deciding to wander La Jolla
*eating lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe
*getting called about a job interview for wednesday
*making plans with my mom to learn the art of being domestic next week. which, just for added amusement, would involve trying to not get dressed the whole week. evvven for her dates with mr. greg, the attire will be pajamas.
*rented Gardenstate and the Notebook [[should just buy it for how many times i've rented that movie, but eh.]] but got distracted by Desperate Housewives lastnight and couldn't watch them.

but now. im on my way to guava-knome-me. because i havent gone since... i dont even know. and my dog is annoyingly hyper.
and then probably to hang out with tyler. because that boy has been way too persistant in trying to hang out. egh. all i gots to say is he better be ready for a night of watching non-stop notebook. mhmm.

i want saturday to come. like woah.
Current Mood: chipperchipper
Current Music: Kyle Riabko- Chemistry

boy oh boy. Jul. 9th, 2005 @ 11:16 am
my yesterday..
spent the entire day with adrian, thomas and chad.
i dont even remember all of what we did.. all i know is that it was boys. allll day.

which includes:
*Noodle fights in chads pool. and not referring to the noodles as being the actual object.
*Wayy too much itching burping and farting. altho thomas was the most.. expressive. lol.
*Being coaxed into drinking a bowl of vineger and salt. [[i know, i know.. but adrian told me it tasted like salad dressing]]
*A Quartet of boys [[william too]] singing way too perfectly to..System of a Down.
*Eating, eating.. and more eating.
*Oh, and of course, Phantom of the Opera.

I must say tho, it was way fun, and they provided for much entertainment.
and i think mr. ludwig was right in saying, "they are quite the crazy threesome." ::as they are singing to a band tape and attempting to drown each other::
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: nada.

YaYa, Playa. Jul. 8th, 2005 @ 12:02 pm
happy three months to me! oh yea. and adrian too.
happy like woah.

yesterday was entertaining.
going out and grocery shopping and coffee and listening to NOW 4.
teaching tenaya how to laugh without snorting.
making a personal ad for everybody.
nicole throwing balls at random ppl [[accident, HA!]]
threatening adrian if he takes a razor to his head tommorow. blah.

yea yea. im kinda sucking at the whole updating thing.
gosh. letting down oprah and her theories.

Current Mood: happyhappy
Current Music: Aruba, Jamaica, ooooh i wanna take ya...
Other entries
» (No Subject)
i hate today.
everything about it.
did you know it takes over 20 minutes before a 911 operator is able to answer your call??
fucking rediculous.
and just the cherry on top of my wonderful day.

i want my gabi. and i want to drive away with her to where ever. and for forever.
» sleep. ha.
its summer.
stop sleeping, ppl.

altho i have the all-nighter tonight.
watch me.
i'll pass out at the fair and get eaten by the carnies.
just watch!
it should be at least somewhat amusing for the onlookers.

» welcome to summer
welcome to summer.

oy vey. haven't updated in awhile. so here it is ppls.
lets try and test out how bad my memory truely is!..

♥went jewelery shopping @ the balboa art plaza.
♥went to this fair thing whereupon this mime kept following us until i gave up and took a picture with it. ohh, and it was the first time my mom got to meet part of adrian's family. lol..
♥ate lunch on coronado. ahhh. it was so pretty! i'll move there next year [[crosses fingers]].
♥went to guitar center. tthat plce would be so much fun, if i actually played an instrument.
♥went to my friend kyle's graduation party. [[guajome, thats y its so late]]
♥came home and found roses in my room. i love my boyfriend.

♥gabi:lets do something. but NOT the beach. im already going to be there enough.
me:awe. ok then.
[[30 minutes later we arrive at the beach]]
♥stake out a campfire allllll day.
♥ate possibly the biggest fish tacos EVER. and iced tea with "frolic" in it. blame the tea for going c-c-crazy.
♥adrian came to the beach to visit, which he most likely regrets."she IS a whore! and THE biznatch!" mhmm.
♥lost the car. "get a more original color car!"
♥realized the extent of stupidity a boy can hold.
♥then we spent the nite at my house.

♥went to the beach with adrain and sam.
♥ate dinner over at adrian's.
♥watched the ever so talked about Phantom of the Opera.

♥first day of summer. meaning the longest day of the year. and i did. NOTHING. 'cause thats how i roll.

♥all i know is that im going to WNB.
» super monkey ball. genius game.
so my computer combusted.
its just so talented like that!
and that, my friends, is why i havent updated for awhile.

not much to say tho.
summer is off to a slow start. i must say.
hm. actually it mite be going into reverse. seen as tho im going to school tommorow.
not vista high. but san jacinto high. where my mom works.
my plan of action:
avoid the massive fights happening because the pricipal got fired and so they cant get punished. there were police coming in from helicopters the other day during lunch.
annnd avoid the guy that my mom gave detention to for being "sexually suggestive" to me in her classroom.
oh yes. and help my mom avoid the ugly teacher that asked her out. woot.

hmph. i miss my peoples.
we should have a simulated 30 minute lunchhour everyday/car rides to-from school
or i can just steal ya'll. and never give you back.
either way. its all goo-d.

» surveys are good for those who like procrastinating.
-» name - kimberley
-» piercings - just the ears. and sometimes with plugs. lovliness.
-» tattoos - nope. maybe if i can find one in the future that would look good even as it starts to sag with old age..
-» height - there is heated controversy over this subject. but as of the car accident i was 5'11.
-» shoe size - 8 1/2.
-» hair color - it says blond on the drivers license.
-» siblings - two brothers. 20 and 14.

-» movie you rented - i rented sideways. but. like always. i have yet to watch it.
-» movie you bought - never have bought one.
-» song you listened to - simply because- rooney.
-» song that was stuck in your head - this really wierd song adrian was singing all day. and then it was on the radio on the way to his house. worse than the vonage one i heard all 5th period.
-» cd you bought - oh gosh. joss stone- mind body and soul.
-» cd you listened to- rooney.
-» person you've called - teneya.
-» person that's called you- adrian.
-» tv show you've watched - TRL.
-» person you were thinking of - rhiona. and how freakin' adorable she looked today.

-» you have a bf or gf - yes.
-» you have a crush on someone - i would like somebody to please define crush. i've never understood it.
-» you wish you could live somewhere else - heck yes. but thanks to the beach. here i am.
-» you think about suicide - no. i only scope out bridges to jump off. lol.
-» you believe in online dating - eh. it seems to work for my mom.
-» others find you attractive - damn sexy. as well as sarcastic.
-» you want more piercings - yep.
-» you drink - no.
-» you do drugs - no.
-» you smoke - no.
-» you like cleaning - that's what elle is for.
-» you like roller coasters - uh huh. therefore making 6 flags the happiest place on earth.
-» you write in cursive or print - i have so many ways of writing. but for the most part, a mixture.
-» pen or pencil - blue pen.
-» you carry a donor card - i dont think im old enough. but i put it on my license anyways.

-» long distance relationships - depends for how long.
-» killing people - for the most part. against.
-» teenage smoking - eh. i believe it to be a big element in darwinism. let 'em kill themselves.
-» premarital sex - ppl can make their own choices about that.
-» driving drunk - against.
-» gay/lesbian relationship - go ahead and have a realtionship. but for marriage.. i have no idea.
-» soap operas- against. they are so entirely confusing.

-» food - mexican.
-» song- Bohemian Rhapsody- Queen.
-» thing to do - go to the beach.
-» thing to talk about - um?
-» sport - at work i got addicted to nascar. but now i think its back to basketball.
-» drink - deit coke. or diet mountsi.
-» clothes - skirts.
-» movie - "My Best Friend's Wedding".
-» band/singer - right now.. lifehouse?
-» holiday - christmas.

-» ever cried over a guy/girl - no.
-» ever lied to someone - who hasnt?
-» ever been in a fist fight - nope.
-» ever been arrested - no. but i can only picture it happening with elle.

-» of times I have been in love?
-» of times I have had my heart broken? 0.
-» of hearts I have broken? oh so many..
-» of girls I have kissed? actual kissing.. none.
-» of boys I have kissed? 4.5
-» of drugs taken illegally? 0.
-» of people I would classify as true, could trust with my life friends? 5.
-» of people I consider my enemies? 0.
-» of times my name has appeared in the newspaper? probably like 3 times.
-» of scars on my body? the one from my car accident. 5 weeks ago.
-» of things in my past that I regret? everybody on my block could be holding up 2 hand full of fingers. and it still wouldnt be enough. and my street is looong.

-» disney movie - "Aladdin"
-» scent- estee lauder- paradise.
-» word(s) - fetching. "use it. abuse it. make it cool."
-» nickname - kim [a majority]. kimmy [nicole and leslie]. kimbird [my second mother]. kimberlaylay [adrian]. pinkee [elle]. kimita [anybody that had ms. baker]. and i have so many more..
-» eye color- hazel.
-» flower - i love daisys. and of course. roses.
-» piercing - any appropropriate to the general publics viewing.

-» cute - as a plum.
-» funny - sarcasm doesnt usually count as humor..
-» hot - heck yes. and with an extra side of cockiness too!
-» friendly - miss sunshine.
-» amusing - to myself. yes.
-» ugly - as in pretty? then yes.
-» loveable - uh huh. but many ppl dont know that due to my barbarious exterior.
-» pessimistic- the glass is half empty, ppl. you're getting screwed over. open your eyes.
-» optimistic - i used to [[key word]] think that had something to do with eye sight.
-» caring - when im in the mood.
-» sweet - as a lemon.
-» dorky - yep. minus the itellectual part.

-» Spell your first name back wards - yelrebmik
-» Are you straight? unfortuantly. lol..
-» Where do you live? Oceanside, California.
-» 4 words that sum you up - non-domestic. forgetful. loud. unemployed.

-» Wallet - matches the purse. its tanish?
-» Hairbrush - really bright blue. and clear.
-» Toothbrush - pink. and it spins.
-» Jewelry worn daily - my silver ring thing. the sapphire/diamond flower ring.
-» Shoes - eh.
-» Handbag - the urban outfitter 70's style bag.
-»Favorite shirt - no idea..
-»CD in stereo right now - rooney.
-» What you are wearing now? - A&F sweatpants and a field hockey sweater.
-» Hair - dark blond. shoulder length. curly.
-» Make up - well. spent like $200 on urban decay and hard candy make-up. so thats what i've been wearing.

WHO or WHAT (was/is/are)-
-» In my mouth- rubio's.
-» In my head - are we done yet?
-» Wishing - i could sleep in tommorow.
-» After this - studying for the bio II final tommorow.
-» Talking to - no one.
-» Eating - fish tacos.
-» Fetish - oh gosh.
-» Something you're looking forward to in this upcoming month - june 10th at 12:00pm.
-» Something that you are deathly afraid of - screwing up my life..?
-» Do you like candles - yes. but im not a pyro.
-» Do you like the taste of blood - hm. no.
-» Do you believe in love - of course.
-» Do you believe in soul mates - right now. no.
-» Do you believe in love at first sight - no. but a connection/spark, yes.
-» Do you believe in God - with everything i am.
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